Fandom a gift and a curse.

Fandom a gift and a curse.

Fandom has to be one of the most confusing and anxiety filled things in life. On the one hand, it’s amazing to find something or someone you connect with and follow it through its life; in whatever form that may be. Sometimes its a tv show, sometimes its a movie franchise, a book series, a performer; whatever it is, it brings you joy and its wonderful. On the other hand, there are those moments when your fandom disappoints you or the other people within your fandom begin to make it intolerable. We all know what its like to see your favorite actor, actress, or singer get cuffed and hauled off to jail. You are now stuck between deciding to stand by their side, (they’ve been wrongfully accused!) or bow out gracefully (welp).

The greatest and worst thing about fandom isn’t even the thing you’re a fan of… it’s the people you meet along the way. In the age of social media, I am able to find people all over the world who enjoy the things I do and we can chat via twitter, Facebook, etc. I met one of my dearest friends through the Hawaii Five-0 fandom (Hi @lolacabana) and we both barely watch that show anymore, but are still good friends. We found we had so much more in common besides that 1 show and we’ve formed a forever friendship. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with journalists and script writers, even the celebrities themselves and their extended network. It’s all very positive, unless you are a “crazy” person. The flip side of the great people you meet are the awful people you meet. Those people make being a fan of something unbearable. I’ve left fandoms because of the fans. I stopped watching Hawaii Five-0 basically because the fandom became so obsessed, you couldn’t say a bad word about the show, even if it was a legitimate criticism.

Something for us all to remember, just because I criticize something, doesn’t mean I don’t love it. It means I care enough about it, that I want it to be better. I consider myself somewhat of a tv expert; I am not interested in lazily written stories, writers who can’t let go of a character, plot lines being dragged to infinity, or actors being shoved in my face with their character because “everyone really likes them”. What I want is for you to tell the story you set out to tell. Obviously ratings and box offices play a part and we want our shows to stay on air and our movie franchises to grow.

I have a deep respect for Eric Kripke and the story he told on Supernatural. He expressed in many interviews that the story he set out to tell would last 5 seasons. And it did. The show got renewed for a 6th season and he said, no the story is still ending at 5 and we will tell another story after that. If you are unfamiliar with Supernatural (really?), its the story of the Winchester Brothers; saving people, hunting things, the family business. They hunt supernatural creatures and the first 5 seasons was a story arc about stopping the apocalypse. Lucifer and Archangel Michael have a great battle to put Lucifer back in the cage in the form of human vessels. It was quite well done, with the mythology growing over the course of 5 seasons. I will always appreciate the way that story was told concisely within 5 seasons. That’s something that easily could have been dragged on for years and wasn’t. Kripke left at the end of 5 and Sera Gamble took over. Her tenure on the show is a longer post for another time, but the show as a whole has been great. So great, it’s on its 12th season and heading into its 13th. This fandom has been, for the most part, pretty great. There are some minimal arguments over things but we all can agree that Sam & Dean must be protected at all costs and we will accept nothing else!

Other shows have a reputation for fans that are just vile and disgusting to one another as well as to the creators and actors of the shows. To repeat, when you love something and feel strongly about it, you should express your opinion, but you shouldn’t berate an actress because you don’t like the way her character is written. At the end of the day, you are always welcome to abandon your fandom. Stop watching. I’ve long been a soap opera watcher (General Hospital and Bold and the Beautiful). I have reached a point where there is so much good television to watch, I can no longer justify spending an hour of my day watching garbage writing. It’s pretty awful and even the minuscule moments or episodes that feel like “oh this is great” just cannot justify the rest of the filth going on. And the ratings show, I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s sad because there is so much potential and rich history to draw from and I can almost understand why fan wars erupt over these shows. You’re talking about something a person has watched for maybe 40 years. They’re INVESTED!

There are other shows that have these fan wars and I just want to say “its not that serious”. But it is. I get it. Particularly shows that draw from source material (looking at you Arrow). When you hear that your favorite book or comic is being adapted for tv or movies, it’s exciting. Yes! I get to see my favorite thing come to life. Sometimes its amazing and perfect (Lord of the Rings) and sometimes its a heaping pile of dog dung (The Hobbit, every Nicholas Sparks book) and sometimes its somewhere in the middle (The Marvel movies do a great job of marrying the comic expectation with their interpretation cinematically). It disappointing when something you love so much is treated so poorly and when you have long histories to draw from, you get upset. Then there are those people who have no connection to the source material and want you to shut the hell up. I hear you. But…. But…

The hard truth is being a fan is the greatest and worst thing EVER! And I love it.



Princess Leia redefined what it meant to be a Princess. No more leaving glass slippers behind, pining after a Prince, or being a prisoner in a tower. No. Leia was a badass. She was the leader of the Rebellion. She stood up for what she believed in and didn’t apologize for it. She chose to do things her way. She had Force power, but never chose to use it. She didn’t need it. And as she matured, she didn’t become anyone’s Queen. Hell I don’t even think she married Han. Wife? Nope. She remained an Organa. Never taking the Skywalker name, she made her own name. She became a fuckin General. The best role model to little girls everywhere. She showed us you can wear a dress and still take out some storm troopers. And you can trade that dress in for boots and a vest. Respected above any man in the Galaxy. Luke is just a “story” to the younguns of the Galaxy, but General Organa is a real life Legend. As was Carrie in real life. She went through so much in her life and she was unapologetically honest about it all. She tried to help others with the same afflictions. She was funny as hell. And not ashamed to be herself. Thank you for you, Carrie. Our Princess. Our General. Carrie is one with the Force. The Force is with Carrie. #RIPCarrieFisher

Sorry, did I accidentally step into 2003?

Sorry, did I accidentally step into 2003?


If I were to rank the Gilmore episodes, the bookends were the best and the middle was ok. Spring and Summer have their moments, but for me, they fell a little flat.

Spring felt like a parade of throwbacks mixed in with very little plot movement. It gives us some funny therapy moments with Lorelai and Emily; particularly a moment when Emily accuses Lorelai of sending her a nasty birthday letter and Lorelai insists it never happened.  We get to experience the full on crazy of Naomi as Rory is trying so hard to make sense of this woman, what she wants and what this book is going to be about. The biggest highlight for me was probably the 30 second cameo of Mr Kim. HE EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rory’s still hanging out with Logan and they run into Logan’s Dad. Mitchum manages to make Rory feel small every time she encounters him. He offers to call Conde Nast for her and also reveals that Logan is ENGAGED. Engaged. Logan is engaged. My tolerance for Rory and her bad decision making is waning thin. Rory ends up having to leave Logan’s earlier than she wanted to because the fiance is coming to visit. Rory is awful. Oh and she’s still dating Paul.

There’s a fun Town Meeting scene where Taylor berates Lorelai for The Dragonfly hosting B list actors filming a movie the next town over. Michel will later on complain about this as well. Something about Matthew McConaughy reading the paper and never bagging Jennifer Lawrence. We find out TJ and Liz have accidentally joined a cult. Because of course they did. I have to say, I was glad they didn’t appear on screen. The phone call was enough.

Kirk debuts his 2nd short film at the Black, White, and Red movie theater, which features Lorelai’s house and Lorelai who is not paying attention. During this, Emily calls to invite Luke for dinner. Upon arrival at said dinner, Emily repeatedly mentions that Lorelai wasn’t invited. She takes Luke into Richard’s study and talks to him about making sure he has a will so Lorelai will be provided for when he passes away. She also reveals that Richard left money in a trust for Luke to expand the diner.

Rory and Paris return to Chilton for Alumni day which features an entirely hilarious Paris freak out in the bathroom about her divorce from Doyle and her empty briefcase. Francie walks in for a snark session with Paris where we learn that Paris is an MD, a lawyer, an expert on Neoclassical Architecture, and a dental technician to boot! This whole scene was great, Paris at her best. But it was prompted by a Tristan sighting… which was… weird. So first of all, it wasn’t Chad Michael Murray and if we weren’t bringing Chad back, then why did we bother. Second, I found myself confused as to why Tristan would be invited to a Chilton Alumni event considering he was kicked out and sent to Military School (to go be Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill) sooooo yeah.

The Chilton Headmaster offers Rory a teaching job at the school, even he can see shes floundering in the wind. He mentions that he’s read all of her work in The Atlantic and Slate and so we are once again mildly touching on what Rory does, though I’m still not sure I fully grasp what she’s been doing for a decade. Rory and Paris end up back at Paris’ house, we get a quick scene of Doyle in his t-shirt and jeans, he’s a screenwriter now, a nice nod to Danny Strong’s current profession (He writes and produces Empire). There’s this whole funny gag about not wanting to lose a Nanny because she has to walk up 5 flights of stairs and there’s no elevator. I can’t help but wonder if none of them were wearing heels, this hike up and down the stairs might not be so awful.

After receiving a call from Naomi’s lawyer dissolving the book partnership, Rory calls Logan and asks if his Dad can make that call to Conde Nast and she ends up in a meeting with Jim. He talks about this piece on Lines. People stand in lines all over NYC… what’s the angle on this?  This story seems awful and so obviously other people haven’t wanted it. Rory is desperate and calls Jim later on saying she wants to do the piece. This leads to Lorelai coming down to the city to wander around with Rory while she researches lines. This was such a poorly done part of the episode, I thought. Rory is running all over NYC is a skirt and heels? She sits down on one of the lines and falls asleep, but no one steals the cell phone from her hand. Oh and we had to parade cameos through this. The most annoying being Mae Whitman. The only reason for this is so Lauren Graham can have a scene in which she’s standing next to her 2 tv daughters. I care not. This is Gilmore Girls, not Parenthood (more on that later). At the end of this, Rory returns to the hotel room she’s sharing with Lorelai and proclaims she slept with a Wookie and shes all upset about it. So I have A LOT of problems with this scene. First of all, Lorelai and Rory aren’t snobs, they love quirky stuff and I feel like they would love comic con’s and people dressing up, so Rory being all horrified she hooked up with a dude who was previously wearing a Wookie costume was dumb. Then Rory tells Lorelai about Logan and Lorelai doesn’t even flinch. She says NOTHING about the sitatrion. She isn’t upset that Rory has been lying all this time. She says NOTHING about Rory dating Paul for 2 years while sleeping with Logan on the side. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It was bizarre and completely out of character. She even tells her that what she’s doing with Logan is “way sluttier than a one night stand”… I… but… what?

This episode gives us a few of the chef cameos, apparently since Sookie left all different celebrity chef’s have been cooking at the Dragonfly for 2 weeks at a time. Rachel Ray makes an appearance talking about Sammies, flailing her arms around distractedly and reminding me why I can’t stand her and why I’m suddenly annoyed shes infiltrating Sookie’s kitchen. Michel is visibly annoyed with Lorelai because she keeps firing the chef’s and Lorelai becomes concerned that Michel is going to leave.

Rory goes to a meeting at SandeeSays, the website that’s been hunting her down to come work for them. She meets with Sandee (the chick from Bunheads… again. This is Gilmore Girls, not Bunheads. I don’t care about these dumb cameos), and she has absolutely nothing prepared. NOTHING. Sandee gets annoyed at her, rightfully so. Whether she wants “Rory Gilmore’s voice” or not, she’s not about to just hand over a job to someone and Rory is pissed. She’s annoyed that Sandee “wasted her time” and I’m looking at her like WHO IS THIS CHICK???? Is she serious? How do you go to a meeting for a potential job and have absolutely nothing to say? No ideas? Nothing? It’s a bit ridiculous. And I can’t help but feel like if Rory was 23 years old and this was the storyline, I could believe it. But 32 year old Rory doesn’t know this simple job search etiquette? And it just made me want to punch her in her face. Of course this is all a plot device that will lead us to Rory having to sit down with Jess while he tells her what her life should be, because heaven forbid Rory ever make a decision on her own. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Emily quite therapy on Lorelai, but Lorelai stays and doesn’t tell Luke. Luke goes all over town looking at expansion places with Emily, but doesn’t tell Lorelai and a chasm between them begins to form. What I found most interesting in this episode was Lorelai alone with the therapist after Emily attacks her for being nothing more than a roommate with Luke because they aren’t married. Lorelai reflects that she “doesn’t do things like her mother” but that “its was always supposed to be Luke” and we get a little insight into why Luke and Lorelai aren’t married after all this time. There was a lot of flack given to this by reviewers and I just took it that, Lorelai knows marrying Christopher was the wrong decision. She was supposed to marry Luke and she ruins that by marrying Christopher and so I think she won’t allow herself to marry Luke or bring it up because getting married has been tainted. Tainted by Christopher and tainted by Emily. We do get to hear about how Richard died. It was a massive heart attack and his last words were to the nurses, “get away from me. This is not how Richard Gilmore goes down”. Lorelai laments that neither she or her mother got that goodbye moment with him.

About the grief: Lorelai is making the most strides. She’s opening up in therapy and beginning to admit that all she ever really wanted from her father, that “I love you Lorelai, I love you Dad” moment will never come. Emily is stuck in denial mode. She’s moving about, trying to be Richard, do what Richard wants her to do. Rory is painfully Rory. She’s also in denial of her failure and hasn’t quite yet begun to grieve her failing career. She’s pretty angry at the end as she moves back home.

I Smell Snow

I Smell Snow

So the Gilmore Girls revival is upon us and we’ve all had a week to digest it and watch it multiple times. I have watched each episode twice. The first time to enjoy, the second to take notes and catch things I may have missed the first time. Also, once you see the end, the entire 4 seasons are under a different microscope which I will discuss later. What I have enjoyed immensely about this experience is the coming together of the fans to embrace this and discuss it. I listened to the Gilmore Guys podcast for the first time. I’ve discovered Gilmore fans I didn’t even know existed among my friends. I’ve read countless articles and reviews of the episodes and it’s been fun to soak in all the opinions. What I find most fascinating is the lens with which an individual watches and takes in something. I have yet to come across a perspective quite like my own and I know exactly why and where mine comes from but its a curious thing to me. So here we go:

I don’t know how to begin this, dissect each episode in order, just rapidly give opinions across the board, or something in between. I may break this up into multiple posts. So we’ll just begin and see where this takes us. I’m not going to recap every thing that happens in each episode, because I am assuming you watched it. My biggest take away from this whole revival was it wasn’t so much (for me) A Year in the Life of the Gilmore’s but A Year in the Life of Grief. Every single story arc for Emily, Lorelai, and Rory is propelled by grief and its funny to me that no one “picked up” on that, or has discussed it. My father died 5 years ago and as I watched the revival, to me, it was more about their individual movement through the grief than just a “life journey” happening at this point in time. And maybe that wasn’t the intention, but that’s how it came across to me. I’ll go further into this later, but Emily is grieving her husband. She’s grieving the life she had and the person she thought she was always supposed to be and is no longer. Lorelai is grieving her father and all of the unresolved feelings that existed in their relationship. She even says “we didn’t get that moment” to the therapist. When my father died, devastated as I was, I could say goodbye to him without a slab of guilt resting on my shoulders because I can tell you that we said everything that needed to be said. We always said ‘I love you’, we always talked about things and so I didn’t have that weight, but Lorelai does. Rory is grieving what she thought her life was going to be. She’s grieving the career she’s wanted since she could talk and she’s trying to mull through “what happens next” which is what all 3 of our girls are doing.

Winter: It opens with a black background and sound bites from the original series, ending with “I smell snow” and we pan to Lorelai sitting in the gazebo waiting for Rory. I start sobbing the second those sound bites begin and cry on and off for most of this episode. Rory shows up, she and Lorelai have a fun back and forth and we are treated to a little nod of “haven’t done that in a while”, “feels good”, “it feels like years”. By the end of the segment, I am transformed. We are back in Stars Hollow, we are back with our girls and it feels almost like time hasn’t passed. Which is how Amy Sherman-Palladino sort of writes this entire revival. She acknowledges the time but it feels very much like our characters have been a bit stuck in Groundhog Day since we left them. But we, as an audience, have to accept this because it’s been so long, this was never intended, and Amy is determined to write the ending that was always supposed to be (even if that ending would have worked far better with Rory as a 22 year old than it does with Rory as a 32 year old).

My favorite Luke and Lorelai scene of the entire revival occurs in this episode when they’re getting ready for bed. “Where are my pajamas’s?”, “Drawer”, “ugh Felix”, “Oscar” and then Luke goes through the DVR reading off all the horrible lifetime movies Lorelai has recorded and its classic Luke and Lorelai and so adorable.

Also in this episode is one of my favorite Rory and Lorelai moments as we get treated to them alone in the kitchen late at night having one of their chats. Lorelai feels “her mortality”, she was considering a cruise and then she “broke a hip”; Lauren delivers this with such perfection. Rory asks if shes feeling this way because of Richard and it is the first time Richard’s death is mentioned (I AM NOT READY YET). I scream “OF COURSE” at the TV because when someone close to you dies, especially a parent, you end up thinking about your own mortality. It’s natural. When my father died, I bought us all cemetery plots.

Luke’s is fairly unchanged except now he has wifi and keeps giving the customers the wrong password (which is hilarious). Equally hilarious is the sign behind the counter which reads: NO Texting While Ordering, Man Buns, Taking Pictures of Your Food, Headphones, If I can hear your music through your headphones, WHY ARE YOU WEARING HEADPHONES. It’s so Luke and so funny.

Back at the Dragonfly, we see Michel, whom I love and Yanic doesn’t miss a beat as this character; hes MARRIED to Frederick and Frederick wants a baby which will be a highlight of Michel complaining this entire series, its perfect. We learn that Sookie is working with Dan Barber at Blue Hill Farm and I pause and scream because I’ve been to Blue Hill Farm and eaten there and its so cool to me that it gets mentioned. Meta moment of my life!

Emily. Kelly Bishop is the greatest gem of all gems and she is perfection. The girls arrive for Friday night dinner (without Richard- sob) and we find a GIGANTIC portrait of Richard. This moment gives some of the greatest reactions from Lorelai and Rory and leads us to a flashback of Richard’s funeral. I will say I was very grateful that Amy gave us 30 minutes of wonderful before pulling us into the inevitable sobfest of acknowledging Richard’s death and subsequently Ed Herrmann’s. The aesthetics of the funeral scene at the cemetery are beautiful and seeing this is just oh so sad. Just knowing how important Richard is to them and Ed was to the actors. A few things struck me about this and it’s Lorelai’s recollection of it and so maybe we have to give some leeway because I can tell you I remember a good portion of people that came to my father’s wake and funeral, but I’m sure I don’t have a clear recollection of it, BUT… no Christopher? Christopher. Is. Not. At. Richard’s. Funeral. Christopher has always been trash and one of my most loathed characters in the entire series, but seriously? No show? Also, Logan? And I say this only because of the significant role he plays throughout this revival. Now… maybe he was there, again this is Lorelai’s recollection. Digger makes an appearance. An awkward and unnecessary appearance. But there he is, asking Lorelai if she’s happy. At her father’s funeral. Anyway, lets not spend time on him. What Rory ends up missing, because shes always flying off to do… work… or something is that Lorelai drinks her weight in scotch and draws a blank when Emily asks her to tell a nice memory of her father. Instead, she ends up word vomiting some awful story about being locked in a steamer trunk and Richard finding her having sex in the pool house. Emily is CLEARLY pissed and this brings us to an Emily/Lorelai confrontation in the kitchen, so reminiscent of the pilot and as Lorelai will say “full freakin circle”. Emily accuses Lorelai of not caring her father is dead, Lorelai tells her shes horrible. What I found interesting during this dragging that Emily gives Lorelai is that I didn’t entirely disagree with what she says. I love Lorelai, but she has created this bubble of hers in Stars Hollow where everyone loves her and everyone thinks shes just so great and no one ever points out her flaws and she is actually a semi-selfish person. She is very stubborn and unwilling to budge on anything. Many times throughout the series, I get mad at Lorelai because it’s like, just admit you’re wrong. She creates almost all of her own problems because she lives in her own world where she’s doing things her way or not at all.

How have I not mentioned Kirk yet? Kirk, always loveable has some great moments in this. His Ooooober, not uber, car service; which Lorelai takes to her mothers because her car is at Gypsy’s. When he’s just at the dinner table at Emily’s and then asks to go outside and play soccer with her maid, Berta’s kids (aside: how long did it take you to figure out who was playing Berta?). We can always count on Kirk.

Luke awkwardly standing at the table because he can’t sit in Richard’s seat was so funny, but I found myself wondering where the 6th chair was. Surely Emily doesn’t have an incomplete dining room set. Wouldn’t the chair be there? Little things. But it made for a funny Luke and Emily moment. This dinner also brings up the Rory career situation. It is explained that Rory has moved from her place in Brooklyn and she has boxes of her stuff scattered between her Mom’s, Lane’s, Emily’s, and Logan’s (really she shipped boxes to London?) and so she has no permanent address. Rory is so cool with this because this is when she gets to sow her oats and go where the story takes her or some such babble and I’m paused on this because… what exactly does she do? Oh she’s a journalist. Does she work somewhere specifically? She wrote a piece for The New Yorker. Slate and The Atlantic get mentioned. Um, ok. So she has had no permanent job all this time? I’m just confused. Maybe I don’t understand journalism correctly, but my understanding is MOST write for a particular publication and then branch out and as they become more well known, they write free lance or whatever. Rory’s situation is weird though because it’s suggested she is known (I think, maybe) but she can’t really seem to latch on to any permanent situation career wise. She has a meeting with Conde Naste that keeps getting pushed and she’s writing a book for this Naomi chick who provides much comedy throughout. But I’m still kind of confused as to what exactly Rory does… or what it is she’s been doing. This, for me, is problematic the entire 4 episodes.

(It has occurred to me at this very moment that this is already LONG and so I will be breaking these up by season LOL)

Luke and Lorelai have a talk about kids. Did they want another one. Did Luke want one.. and we find them at Dynasty Makers. Owned by PARIS GELLER!!! Liza Weil is just perfection. Everything Paris in the whole revival is great. Her talking about assessing Luke’s balls was one of the most hilarious moments in Gilmore history. I kind of wish this had been more of a plot throughout. It gets dropped oddly later on. Paris brings buy some “prime meat” for Luke to check out and that leads us to Rory and Paris heading over to Lane’s (LANE LIVES IN SOOKIE’S OLD HOUSE) and also lends for this odd “Lane, you remember Paris?” interaction which I thought was soooooo bizarre.Remember Paris? Of course she remembers her. Like. Just weird. It’s clear that Rory and Paris are still friends, so does she never mention her to Lane? Does she not speak to Lane as much? It’s just weird all around. Also. I’ll take this moment to comment on the lack of Lane on the whole in this is SEVERELY DISAPPOINTING.

Rory is worried about Emily and Lorelai drops by to find her mother in JEANS AND A TSHIRT with various folks (all related to Berta) cleaning out the house. Emily tells Lorelai she read this book about going through everything in your life and if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. Lorelai reminds her mother that right now, nothing is going to bring her joy and she suggests Emily see a therapist to help with her grief. Everyone freaked out about Emily in jeans and I wasn’t so struck because I recall Emily wearing a tracksuit in the original. Weird to see her in jeans, yes. But not quite the earth shattering moment for me. Emily does decide to go to therapy and talks Lorelai into going with her.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Rory flies back to London to meet with Naomi about the book. The restaurant scene with Naomi stealing all the food going to other tables was hilarious. Rory goes back and forth to London a lot and I find myself wondering how she pays for it. Does she have a lot of miles? She has no permanent job and we find out later is too broke to buy underwear, but she has money for $1,000 flights to and from London. I suppose we’re not to question the logistics of this. Anyway, the introduction of Logan was great, I thought. Rory is talking to someone about Naomi and we don’t see who for like a good solid minute or so and then we see its Logan. And they kiss. And what? And now I have sooooo many questions. How long have they been together? Always? Was there a break?  Wait but Rory has a boyfriend.. whom HILARIOUSLY, I took not one note about and completely FORGOT to mention until I started writing this paragraph. Oh how appropriate. Paul. Paul shows up to dinner earlier at Lorelai’s and this whole gag that neither her nor Luke can really remember him and Rory forgets about him all the time. They’ve been dating for 2 YEARS! It’s funny. In Winter. It becomes a running gag throughout the entire series and its not funny. At all. Not even a little bit. It makes Rory look like such a piece of shit person. So, she’s cheating on Paul, the boyfriend she doesn’t like and can’t remember, with Logan. She and Logan have an “arrangement”. Vegas. When they’re together, they’re together. When they’re not, they’re not.

So I know a lot of people love the townsfolk and Stars Hollow and there was a little complaining about there not being enough of that and them. I LOVE Stars Hollow, I wish I lived there. I love Kirk, Ms Patty, Babette & Maury, Gypsy, and Taylor and the whole lot but honestly for me this story is and always has been about Emily, Lorelai, and Rory. If this entire revival existed as a series of Friday night dinners with the girls, I would have been happy. Not really, but you know what I mean. I thought this episode was lovely. It was the perfect jump back into the story, into this world. I felt very satisfied and excited at the end of this episode. And I realized during this episode, second viewing, that Berta is played by the same actress who plays Gypsy.

About the grief: Emily is in this maintenance phase. She is in defense mode and she’s trying oh so hard to maintain the life she always led now that her compass is gone. She’s still trying to keep up the whole “thing” of it. By the end, she’s feeling sad and restless and unsure and that’s why we find her searching for joy. Lorelai is beginning to question herself and her motives. She trying to be introspective about herself and her relationship with Luke. She sees her mother who lived her whole life for Richard and she’s questioning whether she does that with Luke and if she should or if she wants to. The baby stuff is all about her making sure she isn’t suppressing Luke’s feelings or wants for her own; the way she always did with her father. Rory is in denial. She’s in denial that she’s essentially failing for the first time in her life, across the board and so she exists in this “everything is great” zone.

Spring –>