Final Thoughts. Election 2016.


As I leave the voting booth today, after casting my vote in what I hope will be a historic election, I have some final beliefs I’d like to share.

I believe in the process. I believe in democracy. I believe that, no matter the outcome, it is a reflection of our society. And it is not rigged. I hope that our society is one that believes in progress, humanity, and love. I hope that we are not a society of racist, misogynistic, bullies making decisions based on fear and hate. I hope that whatever the decision is at the end of the day, it is the right one. I hope it is the right one for this country and I hope that if Hillary doesn’t win, that I was wrong about Donald. You see, I want nothing more than to believe that the vitriol that spews from his mouth isn’t what he actually believes, but what he knew would rally a certain sect of people behind him. I want nothing more than to be wrong about this man.

I believe it is healthy to admit fault or failure. It keeps us humble. I have no problem saying “hey maybe you’re right” and so to my friends and family that may be voting for Trump, I say, I hope you’re right. And I hope that you will afford me the same courtesy should the election end in Hillary’s favor. The tenure of this election makes me feel as though the snarky, finger pointing won’t end today and if we do chose to move forward that way, we will only continue on this divisive path. Take a day to mourn your loss and try to come together. Try to pray that the outcome is what’s best and we can all move on. Together. Because we are stronger when we are together.

I believe it is important to have convictions. I have been more vocal this time around than usual. Perhaps, because I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer care whether or not other people approve of my thoughts and feelings. I don’t mean to offend and you should take no offense. We can agree to disagree and move on. Or not. And that is your choice. If you feel after all of this that you cannot look at me the same, that’s ok. Perhaps this election proved to us all what is really important to ourselves. I’m sure we learned things about one another we never knew. Maybe didn’t want to know. I hope that we can all come to the end of this with love in our hearts for one another. But, I refuse to silence my beliefs. They are mine and I am entitled to them. I consider myself a learner. I enjoy gathering new information and educating myself. If I don’t know or understand something, I seek the facts and answers. I wish to understand different points of view and there have been many times in my life where I began thinking one way and came out the other side thinking differently. We all have different life experiences. We all have different things that are important to us for different reasons. Remember that everyone is fighting a silent battle we know nothing about.

I believe in our men and women in uniform. I have friends who are police officers and I pray every night that they come home to their families safe and sound. I know they are good people. I know they don’t abuse their power. But I also know there are a small percentage that do. And those people need to be weeded out. There needs to be change. That doesn’t mean I can’t support the men and women in blue. It just means I’m realistic about the situation.

I believe in our military. I have generations of family that have served in our armed forces. I am extremely proud to be an American. I stand for our flag and our national anthem. That doesn’t mean I believe we are perfect and above criticism. That doesn’t mean I can’t try to understand why someone would feel so failed by our systems that their pride in our country is slipping. I believe that it is a tough job to protect our country and the people in power make decisions every day based on threats and Intel. Sometimes those decisions seem like the wrong ones, but remember that we are not aware of every threat or decision that gets made. While we saw 4 individuals die and many see that as a failure, remember its possible that a decision made that day saved 400 individuals. I have lost people close to me. Grief is strong and debilitating, I am not taking away the significance of a loss, but remember that these are possibilities and circumstances of the job. This is a reality.

I believe in equality. I have friends with different skin colors than my own. They are not thugs, rapists, criminals, terrorists, or bottom feeders. They just happen to be a different shade than I am. Their life is just as important as mine. White privilege does exist and the sooner we recognize that, admit that, and strive to do better, the better off we will all be. Remember we live on land that was occupied by brown people long before it was occupied by white people. No one human is more important than another.

I believe in labor unions. My father belonged to one. My brothers belong to one. My best friend belongs to one. Blue collar workers are what built and continue to build our great nation. The middle class citizens of this country deserve to be able to live without fear of their home being taken away, or taxes being raised to a point that they have to leave their homes and relocate.

I believe we need to raise the minimum wage. It was always meant to be a living wage; if you worked 40 hours a week at this rate, you could live. $7.25 is not a living wage.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms. I also believe that the current state of the nation and weapons advances means we need to be more strict with guns and gun laws. No one is taking your guns away. Safe. Practical laws.

I believe in freedom of religion and speech. No one should tell another human being how they can or cannot worship, can or cannot speak as long as it isn’t harming other people.

I believe that the government has no business telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. We have separation of church and state and so the moral argument of what god wants or what god believes doesn’t apply. No one is telling you to have an abortion. No one is telling you to agree with people who have an abortion. But you don’t get to say whether or not a woman can have one. That is her choice and hers alone. So often we hear about the morality of it all. Jesus taught us to love one another, to help one another. Instead of shunning a person for a decision you know nothing about, help them find another way.  Maybe it’s leading them to a path of god afterwards, maybe it’s not. But it is not your place to judge, that alone belongs to the creator. Also, late term abortions are not a thing. “Ripping the fetus from the womb at 9 months, on the final day” is called birth. Do your research before you climb aboard that soap box. Recognize that the safe and intelligent path is one that encourages birth control and offers more alternatives to young women instead of shunning them. Also realize that pro-life means all life, not just a fetus inside of a womb. Life means the child that is born, the baby a young mother needs help raising, the young man or woman who grows up “in the system” that can only better their life if we help them to do so, the person who commits a heinous crime and is sentenced to death. Those lives matter every bit as much as a fetus does and so if you are going to be pro-life, you should be pro-every life, not just the convenient one.

I believe that the haves should help the have nots. Not everyone is grateful or deserving, but most are. We invoke the name of Christ so often except when it matters most. Jesus taught us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. That we are all brothers and sisters. It is our civic and moral duty to help one another. You do not get to use your religious beliefs only when it serves your argument.

I believe that love is love. Two people fall in love and want to get married. That is their right. You or I have no business telling them they cannot. Two men or two women getting married does not actually affect your life in any way. Let it go. I just read a post from a friend on Facebook that he and his fiancé are going to run to city hall and get married if Trump gets elected, because he knows that right will get taken away. That’s not fair. They are amazing people, a great couple. They deserve to be married just like any one else.

I believe that climate change is a real thing and we need to address it. Our environment is dying. The Great Barrier Reef is being destroyed. Glacier National Park was once home to more than 150 polar ice caps, now there are less than 30. The current rate of global temperature rise puts 25-35% of animals at risk of extinction. Alternative fuel sources are a must! They are produced domestically, reducing our dependence on imported oil. They produce less pollution than gasoline or diesel. Also. “There is no such thing as clean coal, that’s an oxymoron”.

I believe that with time and some tweaks, Obamacare will be a great thing. I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s gotten better each year. These things take time. Myself and 11.3 million people who didn’t have healthcare before, have it now. Remember, it took Medicare and social security years to get right.

I believe the children are our future and they all deserve a great education. The best we can give them. All of them.

I believe we should make obtaining citizenship easier for immigrants. Is immigration reform necessary? Yes, of course. But to turn our backs on immigrants? Shut them out? No. We are a nation of immigrants. Built by immigrants. People risk their lives, die trying to get here to have a better life for themselves and their families. They deserve the same chance our ancestors had. The same chance we have.

I believe in our political system, it is flawed and in need of reform, as many things are, but I find this disdain for career politicians puzzling. You know Political Science is a major in college, right? You don’t say to a teacher “ugh these career teachers. I want someone new with no experience”. If you have brain surgery, do you want the neurosurgeon with 20 years of experience or the medical assistant doing your surgery? I fail to understand why a lifetime of public service is a bad thing. UPDATE: Let me clarify “career politician”, I support term limits. Politicians should move around, do different jobs, hold different offices, lobby for certain issues; they should not sit in a Senate seat for 40 plus years.

I believe that history has taught us a great many things and we should learn from it. We are not a perfect country and we have made many mistakes. We pat ourselves on the back for helping to end World War II,  bringing an end to Hitler’s reign and ending the Holocaust. We forget that we were forced in to that war. We forget that we were well aware of what was going on in Germany and chose to ignore it. It wasn’t until our hand was forced that we entered the war. And we ended that war with a catastrophic decision in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; 129,000 people died, mostly civilians. We like to forget about the 127,000 Japanese-Americans we shuttled from their homes to concentration camps because of fear they were loyal to Japan, most having been born here. Let us not allow irrational fear and hatred to guide us down these paths again.

I believe we are already great. “Make America great again” infers that the past is better than the future. That the old way was the right way and I respectfully disagree. Because I believe we are great and can only be greater when we work together. I have deep respect for Republicans and Democrats. Republicans once fought a great and important war to end slavery and preserve our union. We need a country of conservatives and liberals coming together for the betterment of our nation. Finding ways to make decisions that benefit the majority.

I believe in us. I believe in Her. I always have. I’ve believed in her since 1996, when I first read “It Takes A Village”. I believe that she is the right choice. I proudly cast my vote for her. I’m sorry if you do not agree with my choice, but it is mine.

“If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for?”


2016 Presidential Election or as I call it Rangers VS Penguins in the Eastern Conference Final

People love a good metaphor, particularly a sports metaphor. Most folks are uncomfortable taking the time to learn all that “political mumbo jumbo” and would much prefer to use click, bait headlines to formulate their opinions than to actually do any kind of research. So, when given the opportunity to break it down in a way that your average non-political reader can grasp some small understanding of the issues at hand, we must take it. And who doesn’t love a good sports comparison.

So here we go. Let’s for a minute pretend that being the President of the United States is akin to the Stanley Cup Final, cause lord knows even if you win your conference final, you still have to suffer through 7 more games of torture to get the real prize. The 2016 Election process is the Eastern Conference Final and playing in this years race is the New York Rangers vs the Pittsburg Penguins. Let’s take a look at our MVP’s.

The New York Rangers- Goalie Henrik Lundqvist: Well spoken, suave, good looking man who is arguably one of the best goal tenders to ever step foot on the ice. He began his career in Sweden, working his way up, making a name for himself in the hockey world. In 2013, he became the highest paid goaltender in the NHL, and why not? He’s worked hard. He trains more than most in the game. He meticulously picks himself apart to make himself better. And gosh darn it, he deserves it. During press conferences, he tends to speak politely to reporters and answers questions. He often takes all of the heat for a loss and is expected to do amazing things on the ice, even when his teammates seem to be napping somewhere around the blue line. In the Eastern Conference Final, it will be expected of him to do acrobatics in the goal, standing on his head at times to prevent any scoring from the opponent. And even if he turns in a flawless performance, he still might not win the game.

The Pittsburgh Penguins- Center/Captain Sidney Crosby: He really likes himself. So much so that his jersey number is the year he was born, because, of course. A stellar talent from the beginning, he is very good at what he does and he knows it. When he first started out, he was young, and behaved as such. A lot of people couldn’t get on board with someone who was whiny and immature regardless of his ability to find the back of the net. He often looks for a call if you so much as brush up against him. That is not allowed because he had a concussion once and will immediately begin crying about how you’re trying to kill him. He often gets the call because of his skill level and comes off looking like a whiny douche. His douche-ness often rubs off on his teammates who at one time or another were perfectly nice young men. When his team wins, we all groan and roll our eyes (except for his fans who proceed to run up and down the street shouting “HA” in your face, because, you know, that’s mature).

So your choices are charming Lundqvist who has worked hard his whole career and despite many setbacks, still manages to come back year after year with a plan; or Crybaby Crosby. I’ll let you decide who’s who. 😉

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I felt the time has come for me to address the discord between us since you ran for office. I’ll be very honest, I follow politics in a mild form and mostly pay close attention during election years and not so much in between. I do my due diligence and research candidates during Presidential Elections, which mostly means I’m cramming for the test when I could have been studying the whole 4 years.  I’m not one to keep a watchful eye on local politics and I am aware this is counterproductive. If anything, I should spend more time and energy focusing on my local politicians than anything else; as they are the ones who directly affect me and my family. When you came on to the scene, my only interaction with you, if you can call it that, was a passing mention of Rory Gilmore joining your campaign on the series finale of Gilmore Girls. So when you came into the fold and threatened to steal the Democratic Nomination from Hillary Clinton, I responded with side wards glances, eyes rolling, and vocal distaste for you. This wasn’t fair. I didn’t know you. I was being the equivalent of today’s Bernie Bots. My candidate didn’t get the nomination and I threw a temper tantrum. My bad.

It wasn’t until Bill Clinton gave a convincing speech that I said, alright fine I’m convinced.  Still, I begrudgingly clicked your name in the ballot box on Election Day and 4 years later, I did it again. Mostly because I had zero confidence in the candidates the Republicans presented. I am and have always been a Democrat. I still believe very deeply in the mission of the Democratic Party and after many years of questioning myself and my beliefs, I know I will always be a Democrat.  I didn’t believe so much in you in the beginning and for that I offer my deepest of apologies.

You promised great change and many have felt that you failed us. What you and the rest of us weren’t expecting was the Great Recession. People blamed you, which isn’t fair. Recessions don’t come out of nowhere. I became one of those people that read half assed articles and fed into the media hype that you would be remembered as one of the worst President’s in the history of the United States. I’ll be honest again. I didn’t dig very deep. I didn’t formulate my own opinion. I placed blame on you without really looking to see what you were doing or trying to do.

Upon reflection, I know and understand that while you have the best intentions, governing is a difficult job. Democracy and bureaucracy can drain you of every ounce of intention. I know how government works and how painstakingly you fought to get things passed and were shot down again and again. But you did make many changes. Not that I need to tell you what you accomplished, but I read this fascinating list of 371 of them. With citations.

People complain constantly (and I’ve been one of them) about the Affordable Healthcare Act. What I can say about it is, nothing is perfect. It took almost a decade for Medicare to get itself right and it can still use some help. The truth is that everything and everyone can always improve. Obamacare was not the best at first. But. But. It was better than nothing. Four years ago, I didn’t have any healthcare. My job didn’t offer it and I couldn’t afford to pay privately. So when I went to the doctor, I had to pay. Three years ago, I signed up for healthcare on the marketplace. And it was a disaster. I picked the wrong plan. The doctors that were on the list as taking it weren’t actually taking it. I was “forced” to find new doctors. But you know what? I had healthcare. If something happened to me and I needed to go to the hospital, it would be covered. The second year I tried picking a more expensive plan and it was a little better. Third times a charm. This year, I chose a better and cheaper plan that last year. People seem to know more about the plans and can offer better assistance in choosing one. 7 months in to the year and so far so good. So it took three years, but WE got it right. And I’m not concerned about finding the money to pay for a hospital visit anymore. Is it perfect? No. Does it need some revisions? Of course. Is it an improvement from before? Absolutely.

Many have claimed you don’t really care about our country. That you’re not Patriotic. In the past 2 years, I’ve paid close attention to you. And from what I’ve seen, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You believe in the values this country was built on. That ALL are created equal. You don’t give in to hate and fear mongering. You believe that our differences are what make us unique and that together we are stronger. People claim you are divisive. You are the exact opposite. The only people who think you are divisive are the ones who believe you are secretly an Islamic Terrorist (insert eye roll emoji) or that you put your “blackness” before your humanness (facepalm).

You spoke eloquently the other night about our country and all we are facing. What I saw was a man who cares. A man aged more in 8 years than most. A man who is very Patriotic. A man who will be in our history books not just because he was the first black President; because he was one of our best.

So I offer you my gratitude for 8 hard years of working your ass off to make our country a better place. For making tough decisions. For doing a thankless job and accepting enormous criticism. I offer my apologies for not believing in you at first and I wish you well in your future. I can only hope that your predecessor will do as good a job as you have.

Michele A. Curran

Charles Kinsey. 

I try to not speak much on this topic because people get very passionate (understandably) about it, but please explain to me how this is ok? This man is clearly lying on the ground, hands in the air, posing no threat, HELPING a disabled person… What makes me sad is this particular police officer shines a negative light on all the amazing police officers out there. This particular incident is one that makes people attack police officers and it’s not fair to those who do their job and do it well. What I don’t understand is why there is this insistency on not being able to admit this is wrong. I understand it’s a brotherhood and you’re not supposed to snitch on your boy… But your boy is making YOU look like a scumbag. No one is above reproach. No one is above review. Yet, no one is allowed to say “hey you know something’s wrong here. Maybe we should do something about it.” Cause if you say that then obviously you’re a cop hater 🙄. One of my dearest friends is a police officer and I know he’s a good person and would never do something like this, but I don’t want him getting shot one night bc people refuse to admit there is a clear problem amongst SOME police officers who use and abuse the power given to them. As with anyone in this world. We’re quick to criticize every single profession in the world, but police officers are off the table? No. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get an Asshole Pass just because you wear a badge. I salute you for choosing this job, it’s not one I would want to do and bless you for doing it, but maybe, for some, it just isn’t for you.
Black Man Says He Was Shot By North Miami Police While Lying On The Ground

Filibuster. #HoldtheFloor

So I’m sure yesterday you all saw on your Facebook, Twitter, or News apps mention of a Filibuster taking place in the Senate. I’m sure many of you were like “what the F is a filibuster?”
Filibuster in The US Senate- When a senator attempts to delay or entirely prevent a vote on a bill by extending the debate on the measure. The rules permit a senator, or a series of senators, to speak for as long as they wish and on any topic they choose, unless “three-fifths of the Senators duly chosen and sworn” (usually 60 out of 100 senators) brings debate to a close by invoking cloture (a motion or process in parliamentary procedure aimed at bringing debate to a quick end).
Yesterday, Connecticut Junior Senator Chris Murphy “held the floor” for almost 15 hours. He did not break once to eat or use the facilities but maintained control of the floor until the GOP agreed to allow a vote on a proposed gun control measure. “I am proud to announce that after 14+ hours on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror gap & universal background checks”.
Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, has said he and his GOP colleagues are open to legislation that would ban such sales (to people on the terror watch list, no fly list, felons, etc) but only if it includes due process protections for individuals listed to appeal their gun ban. This is called progress. This is called compromise.
We tend to lean towards skepticism when it comes to politicians. Most of us widely believe they aren’t trying to make a difference in OUR lives, but in their own. Most of us believe that they are all money-grubbing, power hungry people. Yesterday, Senator Murphy, I think, proved that is not the case for every politician. He stood and spoke for almost 15 hours because he passionately believes in something. Whether you agree with him or not isn’t the point. He represented everything that is good and right about our system. He spoke for hours and in the end, he wasn’t just shut down.
What I ask you to do for yourselves today is call your Senator. Be a part of the process. Whether you are calling to ask your Senator to vote yes or vote no. Make the call. It takes 5 minutes. If you feel so strongly one way or the other, don’t hit the internet with a meme about it. Call your Senators.


Contact your Senator:


“I am calling to ask you to vote yes/no on the gun vote”
Be a part of the process.

The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment

This is not meant to start hateful banter on my page, more so meant as a think-piece. Read what I have to say and really think about it. It’s long, I’m sorry. If you make it to the end, I applaud you. And remember that at the end of all things, you are not changing my opinion and maybe I’m not changing yours, but give it a read.
I’ll begin by stating that I am a NYS pistol permit holding Citizen. I have 6 handguns. Those 6 handguns are stored in a safe to which I am the only person with the combination. The small collection of bullets for said handguns reside in a separate safe to which I am the only person with the combination. I enjoy going to the range and shooting the target. It’s a skill. It’s something I’ve done since I was a young person. My father taught me at a young age to respect firearms, to handle them properly, and all the safety measures and precautions in regards to firearms.
I would also like to state, that as a law abiding citizen, when I went to get my permit, I had to go to a 5 hour “gun safety” course. My take away from that course was, if you shoot someone on your property, drag them into your house. I had to get 3 signatures (just signatures. No reference letter. You need reference letters to get into college) on my form and got fingerprinted at the Sheriff’s office. That’s it. I didn’t even have to appear in court the day the judge issued me my permit. And bear in mind, NY is considered a “strict” gun law state.
I would like to offer that had the nice old lady at the county clerks office handed me a list of approved psychiatrists and said “your paperwork will be filed once we receive your evaluation from the doctor”, I would have gladly done so. And had it been required of me to appear in court to express why I wanted a pistol permit, I would have gladly done so as well. And had I needed to attend a course at the range to demonstrate that I was responsible and capable of handling a firearm, I would have gladly done that too.
This may seem “crazy” to some folks but consider that you have to take a driving test in order to get a license to drive a car. You have to demonstrate the ability to operate a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner before the state of New York (or any state) will issue you a drivers license. Just one example of the many things that are regulated (take note of the word regulated) by the state and federal government in order to ensure the safety of US citizens.
I’ve seen a bunch of people posting this little blurb about someone on line in the grocery store. I just sort of smile because I wonder how many of you posting it have a handgun. You. Actually you, not your police officer family member, but you. Also I’m curious if you know how difficult it is to obtain a concealed carry permit in NYS. You have to exhibit just cause for such a thing and most times will be told “are you a police officer? Than you don’t need to be carrying your handgun around at all times.” That was my other take away from my 5-hour course. I also wonder how many of you would have the balls to shoot another person. Actually fire a gun at someone else. In a state of panic, even to protect yourself, could you take a life? I don’t know that I could.
Now. I have a query. Do you honestly believe that arming MORE citizens will make the world a safer place? Like no really. I want you to imagine a scenario. Let’s use this grocery store. Someone comes in shooting up the place and say 10 people are carrying their handgun and all 10 people open fire at once. You really think less folks are getting shot? You really believe all 10 of those people are going to be cool, calm, and collected while brandishing their firearm to stop the bad guy? If you believe that, then we are in a bad place. I interact with people all day long. Most of them can’t tie their shoes, but I should trust them with a handgun? No.
But you know what, all of this is a matter of opinion, I suppose. And if you believe every single one of your fellow man is capable of snuffing out the bad guys in a moment of panic, well you are far less skeptical than I and maybe I should applaud you for it.
Let’s chat for a moment about the highly debated 2nd Amendment. Here’s where I kind of feel like we should really take a step back and just evaluate what it all means.
The 2nd Amendment, written by James Madison, brought to the House of Representatives on June 8, 1789, went through some edits and was ratified by 3/4’s of the states on December 15, 1791. Now remember at this time there is no formal police force, rather sheriffs that are mostly volunteer. In the event of an emergency, a local militia of armed vigilantes would intervene. May 1792, Congress passes the first act of National Defense in which it states that every able bodied man of a certain age must obtain a firearm and appear if called upon to defend his state. This has a lot of problems, too many to discuss and this post is already long, but you didn’t come here for a history lesson, right? Feel free to google for more information. The Internet and all its flaws is there to help.
So back to #2. The text states “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”


So here we are. 1791. No official police force to speak of, counting on the individuals of the country to maintain safety. “The Security of the Free State” rests in the hands of the people, because, remember, there is no official law enforcement in place. So yes, your firearms are to keep you safe. Because currently there is no one appointed to do so.
“A well regulated (there’s that word)…” Regulated. What does regulate mean? Let’s check with Merriam Webster.

to set or adjust the amount, degree, or rate of (something)
to bring (something) under the control of authority

to make rules or laws that control (something)

Bring under control of authority. Make rules or laws that control.
Now it would appear to me that our founding fathers meant that the 2nd amendment would give its citizens the right to bear arms, with rules and regulations set by the government. I mean that’s what regulate means right?
So. Regulated militia. Security of the free state. Does not infringe on your right to bear arms. Listen, I have the 2nd Amendment reproduction in a frame on my piano in my living room. I respect it. I honor it. And I believe in it. It doesn’t mean you are allowed to have a free for all with any firearm you please.
NO ONE is trying to take your guns away. They’re trying to set rules and regulations in an effort to keep everyone safe. And isn’t that what the 2nd Amendment was for in the first place? Law abiding citizens aren’t being told to hand over their weapons. You’re being asked to follow some rules. And if you can’t follow rules, than maybe you shouldn’t have firearms in the first place. If you’re not planning on murdering anyone, then you shouldn’t have any problems registering your firearms. And trust me, you don’t need a semi-automatic rapid fire rifle to protect your home. Are you expecting an invasion of 100 people? If you are, perhaps you should hire professional security. There are places you can go and try out these “fun” weapons and be all “oooo I shot the oozy!” And take pictures with your friends and it’s all fun and good times. You don’t need one in your home. You just don’t. And please don’t give me the hunting excuse. If you can’t shoot the deer, bear, etc in 1-3 shots then maybe you should take up a new hobby because you suck. Are you trying to eviscerate the animal? You want to take the meat home to eat, right? Mount it on the wall? You don’t want 30 bullets ripping the carcass apart. You want to take them down in 1 clean shot. 2 if necessary.
This isn’t the Wild West. You are not Wyatt Earp and we are not having a shoot out at the O.K. Corral. This is 2016 and no, gun control reform isn’t going to miraculously stop people from getting guns; it isn’t going to miraculously stop people from getting shot. Nothing in the world is so black and white but I know I would feel a lot safer knowing that any tom, dick, or Harry can’t just go buy an AR-15 at a gun show and walk home with it. Yes, people will still do crazy things and still try to harm other people, but doesn’t it make sense to attempt to make it more difficult for the mentally unstable people of this world to get their hands on a gun?



I’ve been trying to keep a low profile on this political front bc it evokes an entitled sense of folks to come on someone else’s page and tell them why their opinion is wrong and while I may post what I want, you are free to do the same and I’m not going to come for you, but I digress.
The reaction to this horrific situation in Orlando has been very upsetting to me. Everyone is quick to claim terrorism. Quick to blame an outside threat. I’m having a difficult time grappling with the idea that if ISIS is planning an attack, they’re selecting a gay club. Yes I understand that under Sharia law homosexuality is punishable by death, but ISIS means to target us as a country. I see them picking a court house full of people, Disney World, a mall before a gay club in Orlando. ISIS also has a history of claiming responsibility for things that they may have had nothing to do with directly. This man may have invoked the name of ISIS as his reasoning but I’m not sure I believe he’s a member of ISIS. What I do believe is this was an act of hate. His father said he was angered when he saw 2 men kissing and a few weeks later he murders 50 people in a gay club. 


I have a problem with us as a society being so outraged over something we ourselves have bred. We want to grab our pitch forks and crucify Islam/Muslims over this mans hatred, but we have allowed this kind of hate from our own. Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. Stoning in the physical sense isn’t “allowed”, though it still happens, we excuse it with “well it’s what they believe”. And yes we are all entitled to our beliefs, it’s what makes our country so great. But we will excuse and brush aside hatred from our own, while condemning hatred from “outside”. Neither type of hatred is ok. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and their opinions but NOT at the expense of someone else’s safety.


The angry mob has assembled behind their fearless leader, Donald Trump. Trump is waving his fists in the air, begging for justice. Funny coming from a man who told Fox News if he gets elected, he would appoint judges to overturn same-sex marriage. Take that as you will.
I don’t believe this is solely a terrorist issue. It’s a hate issue. A hate that we have allowed. A hate, that has made considerable strides in recent years, but still exists. These victims were at a gay club, why? Because they still don’t feel comfortable going to a “straight” club. They still don’t feel accepted. They were vulnerable to an attack because we allow it. The same way children are vulnerable to attacks at school, because we allow it. The same way that black men and women are targeted and treated differently, because we allow it. The same way a privileged white man can get away with raping a young woman, because we allow it. We MUST do better for each other. We are all human. We MUST protect each other.