Game of Thrones: Blink and You Missed It; Gilly Says What?

As we get closer to the end of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on a particular moment because every moment is A MOMENT! Between Drogon letting Jon touch him, Gendry finally returning, Jaime and Tyrion coming face to face, and Jon creating the ultimate #SquadGoals to head beyond the wall, let’s focus on the not so obvious moments…
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Game of Thrones: Sansa Is Not Her Mother’s Lady Stark

These first 4 episodes of Season 7 have fed us Stark fans well! Bran and Arya both have made their way back to Winterfell and reunited with their sister, Sansa. While Jon is away, Lady Stark has been in charge and she’s doing a damn good job so far. She and Jon had some disagreements in the beginning, but let’s be honest, if Jon just had the good sense to discuss things with Sansa before announcing them to everyone, he would save himself (and us) a lot of headaches. Sansa is a character who went from “kill this bitch” to “protect her at all costs” over 7 seasons and she’s proven herself worthy of our devotion. This is a young woman who has gone through hell and back and is desperate for a real and true connection to someone. Even though she’s been with Jon a while, their disagreements and her not being so kind to him in the past, leaves her feeling lonely, until she sees Bran at the gates… click here to continue reading.