Princess Leia redefined what it meant to be a Princess. No more leaving glass slippers behind, pining after a Prince, or being a prisoner in a tower. No. Leia was a badass. She was the leader of the Rebellion. She stood up for what she believed in and didn’t apologize for it. She chose to do things her way. She had Force power, but never chose to use it. She didn’t need it. And as she matured, she didn’t become anyone’s Queen. Hell I don’t even think she married Han. Wife? Nope. She remained an Organa. Never taking the Skywalker name, she made her own name. She became a fuckin General. The best role model to little girls everywhere. She showed us you can wear a dress and still take out some storm troopers. And you can trade that dress in for boots and a vest. Respected above any man in the Galaxy. Luke is just a “story” to the younguns of the Galaxy, but General Organa is a real life Legend. As was Carrie in real life. She went through so much in her life and she was unapologetically honest about it all. She tried to help others with the same afflictions. She was funny as hell. And not ashamed to be herself. Thank you for you, Carrie. Our Princess. Our General. Carrie is one with the Force. The Force is with Carrie. #RIPCarrieFisher


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