Charles Kinsey. 

I try to not speak much on this topic because people get very passionate (understandably) about it, but please explain to me how this is ok? This man is clearly lying on the ground, hands in the air, posing no threat, HELPING a disabled person… What makes me sad is this particular police officer shines a negative light on all the amazing police officers out there. This particular incident is one that makes people attack police officers and it’s not fair to those who do their job and do it well. What I don’t understand is why there is this insistency on not being able to admit this is wrong. I understand it’s a brotherhood and you’re not supposed to snitch on your boy… But your boy is making YOU look like a scumbag. No one is above reproach. No one is above review. Yet, no one is allowed to say “hey you know something’s wrong here. Maybe we should do something about it.” Cause if you say that then obviously you’re a cop hater 🙄. One of my dearest friends is a police officer and I know he’s a good person and would never do something like this, but I don’t want him getting shot one night bc people refuse to admit there is a clear problem amongst SOME police officers who use and abuse the power given to them. As with anyone in this world. We’re quick to criticize every single profession in the world, but police officers are off the table? No. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get an Asshole Pass just because you wear a badge. I salute you for choosing this job, it’s not one I would want to do and bless you for doing it, but maybe, for some, it just isn’t for you.
Black Man Says He Was Shot By North Miami Police While Lying On The Ground


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